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10 Halloween gender reveal ideas (2023) Part 1

10 Halloween gender reveal ideas

Finding out the gender of your baby is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy journey. If you're planning to reveal the gender of your little pumpkin to your family and friends or if you're planning a surprise gender reveal for the new parents; here are 10 Halloween gender reveal ideas.

1. Cake Pop Reveal

 Halloween cake pop gender reveal

This gender reveal idea requires eating cake and.. who doesn't love cake? Of course we are going to use Halloween themed cake pop. There are different options here but the idea is that the baby's gender will be revealed by the color inside of a cake pop. This will likely be more fun with at least five participants. Here are two options.

Option one: Each participant (parents-to-be included) will receive a cake pop. Only one cake pop has a color inside ( blue or pink), and as they bite into it, a color will be revealed. To keep it exciting, give the last person the colored cake pop.

Option two: Keep score! but for this you need an odd number of participants. Every cake pop contains a color and based on the baby's gender their will be more of the color that represents the baby's gender. Keep score of how many of each color once revealed. For example if it's a boy and there are 5 participants there will be three cake pops with blue inside and 2 with pink.

You can have someone make these or if you are a DIY'er you can try it yourself. It's pretty easy and there are several Youtube videos with recipes you can follow.

2. Balloon Popping Slime Reveal or Pop a pumpkin

Halloween balloon popping slime reveal

This is fun but it can get messy. Fill 9 balloons with green slime and one balloon with pink or blue slime. Let mom and dad or guests pop each balloon to reveal the baby's gender. Place the balloons in an area with a large plastic tarp or a disposable plastic table cloth for easy clean up. Remember to choose balloons where the color on the inside isn't obvious, opt for black or double the balloons. A cool theme could be pop a pumpkin. You can also opt to make your own slime with this recipe.

Slime recipe

For this slime challenge we want something a little more runny.

There are tons of slimes recipes on the internet, some are quite simple like, oobleck and others are a little more sophisticated.

Here are two easy options:

3 Ingredient slime recipe (Oobleck)

  • 1 1/2 cups cornstarch

  • 1 cup water

  • 3 tablespoons colored (Tempera) paint

2 ingredient slime recipe

3. Skeleton Dart Balloon Gender Reveal

Halloween dart balloon gender reveal fun

For this balloon popping gender reveal challenge, you'll need a board with 9 balloons and behind each balloon there will be baby skeletons. All but one will have the color blue or pink. Let participants pop balloons until they find the colored baby skeleton. Fill the black balloon hiding the correct skeleton with some powder (blue or pink) for extra effects.

You can download the skeleton templates below.

Halloween baby skeletons
Download PDF • 30KB

4. Mermaid or Merman Reveal

Here's a not so spooky gender reveal idea, it's a merbaby?!. This is an underwater balloon reveal and it makes for a great keepsake. This can be done in a pool or we can use a fish tank. I think it's important to keep it exciting. Fill an aquarium tank with 10 balloons. place random objects in all balloons, e.g kids blocks etc. Inside one balloon their will be a merbaby. Also add some powder so the water turns a color once the correct balloon has been popped.

Cute Halloween gender reveal ideas

5. Gender reveal Tic Tac Toe with X and Y not X and O

Most Tic Tac Toe gender reveal ideas only ask mom and dad to flip or remove a sign to expose what's behind but we are letting mom and dad play. Here is the twist, instead of X and O, we are using X and Y, why, well because girls have XX chromosomes and boys have XY chromosomes. In keeping with the theme, parents-to-be will play in a spiderweb.

Halloween tic tac toe gender reveal

How do we play? Well mom and dad are going to place an X and Y in the first row where they think it should go. If its correct leave it and if it's incorrect have them change it.

Then they move on to the second row an repeat once more. Eventually they'll get to the last row and it'll either be X's or Y's in a row. See illustration below.

Part 2 coming soon.



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